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Introducing Natural Typing Without Pain

Rob Simpson, Author of the 'Typing Without RSI' e-book I am a pianist, computer buff and successful teacher who discovered Natural Typing to help colleagues overcome repetitive strain injury. Current RSI research and development has made it extremely accurate and effective.

Injured typists who learn Natural Typing report that their condition heals and that they can resume typing safely.

Please note that this is a unique method - there's nothing else like it.

Everything is taught carefully and concisely in my 55 page self-help e-book Typing Without Repetitive Strain , complete with 50 easy to follow diagrams. Read it on screen or print it out.

Typing Without Repetitive Strain shows you how to make friends with your keyboard and mouse.

Your Say:

I no longer treat the keyboard as an obstacle. Now it's a partnership.

Natural Typing is easy to master, strain free and pain free. You can learn pain free typing in only 15-30 minutes a day over just 5 days. Typing feels much easier, and may become faster.

Typists have found Natural Typing a breeze to learn and have loved it. In Typing Without Repetitive Strain I teach you carefully how to:

  • end all unnecessary physical strain, effort and overuse
  • harmonize sensitively with the keyboard and mouse to protect yourself from injury
  • allow gravity to do part of the work for you
  • capitalize on the inbuilt power of the keys to assist your fingers
  • enjoy typing almost effortlessly and without repetitive strain or pain

If you have been using an injurious typing technique, Typing Without Repetitive Strain will equip you to discover and identify precisely what you have been doing wrong and you will be able to correct it.

During sessions with my students I don't have to tell them what they are doing that is injurious - they tell me - often saying excitedly 'Why didn't I realize all this before?' After all, you are your own best judge once you understand your inner sensations and how they interact with the subtleties of the keyboard mechanism.

If you are ready to transform your approach to typing,

Just USD$18.99.

Or, why not try before you buy? I would like to give you a quick exercise right now to demonstrate that this method is effective, and that it's unique.

Welcome To Pain-Free Typing

It's often conscientious people who get RSI, because they attack their computer hoping to improve their work - often unconsciously.

Learn how to correct this, in simple logical steps.

Through unique, accurately designed exercises, Typing Without Repetitive Strain teaches you to become relaxed and flexible, removing all physical conflict. You then learn to approach, depress and release the keys and mouse button without repetitive strain.

Your Say:

My typing feels more fluid. It flows like ballroom dancing or skating on smooth ice.

Stop the Strain and Stop the Pain

No more physical overuse! Natural Typing removes all possibility of misplaced aggression and internal conflict while typing, and introduces smarter, safer terminology.

Words such as 'strike', 'hit', 'press', 'punch' and 'pound' potentially induce unnecessarily aggressive attitudes, muscular overuse, internal conflict, repetitive strain injury and pain. Such terms have no place in keyboard language, because they encourage misuse of the hands, arms, fingers and the equipment.

If you were to apply the accelerator and the brakes of an auto simultaneously you would cause unnecessary and harmful internal stress. Many people use their fingers, hands and arms in a similar way, often without even realizing it.

Typing Without Repetitive Strain teaches you how to correct this effectively.

Types of RSI

I am well aware of the types of repetitive and overuse injuries and their many medical names. However Typing Without Repetitive Strain restricts itself to the subject matter of the title.

Natural Typing may allow the regenerative powers of the body to operate healthily when all the unnecessary strain is removed. No claim is made that it heals directly. Obviously, the less severe the injury the more likely it will be to improve or heal if the cause of the injury is removed.

I am a musician and teacher, not a physician. I do not claim to be a healer or a diagnostician. Diagnosis and medical treatment are the work of physicians. If you have RSI, please consult your physician.

No guarantee is made that repetitive strain injury will heal. Please understand that this is not intended as a cure for the severely injured or a substitute for medical treatment.

For further information about Typing Without Repetitive Strain , please send me an e-mail. Top of Page

Stop the pain!

Protect yourself against RSI!

Buy my e-book for just $18.99

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Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

"If you are not completely satisfied with my RSI Free typing method,
I guarantee you a full refund"

Your Say:

"Recently I've been having no pain at all when typing.
I really do appreciate your help!"

"A very, very interesting read! The key pressure/depression section certainly made a light bulb go off above my head! Great new ideas."

"Typing feels easier. Now I think of myself as working WITH the keyboard instead of AGAINST it!"

How to stop RSI
in the workplace and at home...